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WebcamTweaker 1.2.5

WebcamTweaker 1.2.5

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WebcamTweaker Editor's Review

WebcamTweaker comes as a utility for your iSight or webcam. You can apply a lot of dynamic or static effects to any photo or movie. WebcamTweaker can record video messages or take pictures to be seen with iPod or sent by email to your friends.

The application contains 3 modes: 'photo', 'record' and 'capture frames'. In 'snapshot' you hear a Mac OS voice that will tell you "cheese" and see a 3 seconds countdown. Recording a movie doesn't always work, the program sometimes crashes during encoding. A nice 'recording' feature is the fact you can compress and save a few H264 file formats with different resolutions. The "capture frame" is a cool way to record a movie. You can define a photo capture frame interval and record the movie only in photo frames.

WebcamTweaker features a Mac OS X applications integrations. This means that you can transfer your output to iPod, Email, or use as iChat User picture Account the taken photo easily.

Pluses: lots of effects.

Drawbacks / flaws: It crashes a lot and consumes most of your resources.

In conclusion: WebcamTweaker is a fun utility for your webcam. You can record a lot of movies or take photos with cool effects.

version reviewed: 1.2.5

WebcamTweaker Publisher's Description

WebcamTweaker can record video messages or shoot pictures to be seen with iPod or sent by email to your friends.

A lot of dynamic and static effects are included with WebcamTweaker: Bump, Glass, Pinch, Black & White, Bloom, Crystallize, Dots, Halftone, Pixel, Pointilize, Thermal, TV, Warhol, XRay, Balls, Christmas, Crazy Heart, Cube, Love, Moving

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